42+ Smart Ways to Make Your Bedroom Clutter-Free And Way More Chill

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Best Bedroom Design Ideas – image source : pinterest.com

There’s nothing like coming home to a relaxing, stress-free space after a long day, a bedroom is a place where we head to in the house when we need some chilling and rest time. Regardless to the size, style, or decor you choose, a bedroom should be comfortable and cozy. Today we are sharing some tips that will help you keep your bedroom uncluttered and comfy, so that you can wake up and go to sleep with a more wonderful feelings you probably don’t want to leave this space.

Place A Dresser As A Nightstand
A nightstand always comes in handy in every bedroom where you can place some small stuff you may need. If you have enough space in your bedroom, instead of a regular nightstand, get yourself one or two dressers that suit your bedroom style and use them as nightstands. It can be a great space-saving storage solutions that help you to declutter the bedroom, just enough storage for everything you need. You can go for just one nightstand if you have a limited space in your bedroom and create an asymmetrical look. Go find one in color and style that you like.

Make Baskets For Storage
You can make your own functional decoration, this is a perfect idea to have some personalized decoration that also boost your creativity when making it. Try to make some beautiful baskets, and use them to store your clothes, blankets, even pillows and other stuff in your bedroom. You can place them anywhere in the room: next to your bed, in the corner or center of the room, anywhere that please your eyes. Baskets can fit most of décor styles and colors, so it will not look odd to be in the bedroom.

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